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Thread: Allow unlicensed / uninsured operation up to 85 CC engine displacement

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    Allow unlicensed / uninsured operation up to 85 CC engine displacement


    Vehicle law / insurance law

    Propose legislation:

    Raise the federal limit on engine displacement for unlicensed/uninsured vehicles from 49 CC to 85 CC.

    Background :

    Currently, federal law limits engine displacement for unlicensed/uninsured vehicles to 49 CC's or less.

    Reason for change:

    Today's tight economy has made it more and more expensive to own and operate an automobile… With relaxed legislation on small engine powered vehicles we feel that it would be beneficial for individuals to be able to use alternate means of transportation to get to and from work, run errands, etc.… The current 49 cc limit we feel is too small for practical commuting (example: have you ever ridden down a winding two-lane road behind a bicyclist? While bicycling is a good green initiative… The fact that there are probably a line of cars backed up a mile-long or risking life and limb to pass the bicyclist is not a good situation in general… We are applying the same logic to small motorized vehicles for road use).

    Notes / benefits :

    Easier transportation to and from work for some individuals will help to reduce unemployment, increased displacement allows for faster and safer traffic flow for all involved , More practical / small displacement vehicles could serve to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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    I'd have to agree with this.

    It would be nice to allow people GREATER freedoms and LESS government regulation, so I for one would be happy to have an increase in the engine size before rules kick in.

    YOU made a great point about riding behind cyclists on a narrow / winding road....I HATE that...It is dangerous for BOTH the cyclist AND the Driver.


    PS- Before people hate....I ride also BUT I take care NOT to impede traffic unnecessarily.

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