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Thread: State Leader Program

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    State Leader Program

    What is the State Leader program?

    For each state in the USA, Middle Class America, L.L.C. is looking for 2 State Leaders / contact people to handle and manage the affairs for our organization within that state.

    How will State Leaders be chosen?

    State Leaders will be chosen from the top member recruiters from each state. If you have the drive, skills, and ability to recruit others then we want you to lead the state for us!.

    So the process can be computerized, Memberships from Level 1 and up will be required to participate in the quest to become State Leader.

    How will State Leaders be compensated?

    At the present time we are anticipating paying each state leader $2 for each and every member that joins Middle Class America, L.L.C. at level 1 or greater (from their state) REGARDLESS of who actually recruited the memberů.The earnings from THAT ALONE can be the equivalent to wining a lottery!
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    Hi Andrew,

    Being that I am interested in doing some organizing / advocacy work on the Uber related front, would it be possible to work some sort of State Leader plan as it pertains to organizing Uber drivers?

    Any ideas / help you may have on this would be greatly appreciated.



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