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Thread: Mission Statement / General Policies & Concepts

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    Mission Statement / General Policies & Concepts

    Middle-class America :

    Mission statement :

    Middle Class America's goal is to unite Middle Class Americans, take back the rights and monies you have lost because of the special interests, and to rebuild your finances so you have a better future for yourself, your family, and for America as a whole.

    We'd like to bring the Middle Class back and have it prosper even MORE than it did at its peak of prosperity.

    We want you to prosper because when you succeed our economy grows and that helps ensure that America remains the number one country in the world for now and the future.

    Middle Class America....Uniting / Taking Back / Rebuilding .. A better future for you, A better future for your family...A better future for America.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? ......We'd love to hear your ideas!

    General goals (Refer to the topics / posts in our "Forum" for specifics plans / details and comments)

    1) Raise the income and the standard of living for all groups from the poor up through the upper middle class....Basically everybody will move us a notch financially except for the rich /extremely rich....While money is not everything, I think we can all agree that having a little more can certainly take care of most problems.

    2) Reduce / eliminate unemployment - Refer to forum.

    3) Lower taxes on poor to upper middle class individuals through smaller / more efficient government ( attrition only...NO firings).

    4) Change the focus of government - Government as your protector / friend NOT you enemy or problem... Government to help
    small businesses start and grow.

    We will accomplish our General Goals by 4 primary means:

    1) We provide a forum for middle-class Americans to discuss their problems, issues and concerns - While we have "seeded" our forum with a number of interesting topics, discussions ,and proposed laws / policies, we value your input as Middle-Class Americans in the formulation of new policies, procedures and laws designed to help us and America. Your input is wanted, needed, and appreciated....Help us help you.

    2) We are working with small businesses and large corporations to provide our members with discounts and benefits to help you save money and we are promoting policies and laws to help keep work in America and we are proposing policies and legislation that will help small businesses to thrive and grow.

    3) We are working on programs to help you supplement your income and legislation to help reduce your taxes. We will be offering our members business opportunities and work projects (some of which can be done from your own home) to help supplement your income.... In today's tight economy being able to earn a little extra money can make all the difference in the world.

    4) We are forming our own political party called : The Middle-Class America Party to help provide an actual voice for you, the middle-class which the current two-party system does NOT do....Sometimes if you want a job done right you just have to do it yourself.

    The Middle Class America Party (coming soon) promotes Legislation and policies that follow "common sense" , Legislation and policies that work for the majority and NOT the special interests, Legislation and policies that help you - The Middle Class, Legislation and Policies that help America be number one and stay number one for now and the future.

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. , Middle Class America, and The Middle Class America Party welcomes you and we hope that we, by working together, can make a better future for us and America.

    Please take your time browsing our posts, having discussions on our forums, watching our videos and telling others about us.....We will be the ones to watch in 2016!


    Questions? Comments? Concerns? .......We'd love to hear from you!
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