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Thread: Frequently Asked Questions Concerning The Middle Class America Organization

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    Frequently Asked Questions Concerning The Middle Class America Organization

    Hi All,

    Below, please find some of the more commonly asked questions about our Middle Class America Organization.

    As you may have noticed, much of the content has been copied from our Home page BUT by placing the questions here, you are able to make comments and ask your questions directly to us in a forum setting.

    For easier reading, we have broken the posts into smaller "bite sized" portions.


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why is Middle Class America an “L.L.C. “ instead of a “non profit” organization?

    The primary reasons we are an L.L.C. are :

    1) An L.L.C. offers legal protection to the members and active participants in the organizing group of this site….In todays “sue happy” environment this is unfortunately especially important…..after all the big two parties will surely be gunning for us since we are here to change the status quo in favor of the Middle Class.

    2) We realize this may sound crazy but we really want to do our part and pull our fair share of the weight….too many companies and “non profits” use tax loop holes and dodges to get out of pulling their fair share of the burden…..We will do what is needed as an organization and we are not afraid of doing the right thing….it’s all about what is right and moral.

    If there were less abuses on the lower end of the scale (welfare fraud, abuses of “entitlements” etc…) and on the higher end (Corporate tax loop holes, etc)….we (both the Middle Class and America as a whole) would be better off.

    Middle Class America will lead by example and in doing what is just and right we feel that this is the best policy that will ultimately allow us to grow and help you now and in the future.

    3) An L.L.C. is much easier to form , maintain, and administer than a non profit organization. Additionally by not having to have a formal board of directors, we are able to move and respond much quicker to changing situations.

    UPDATE: Due to requests from several of our larger donors, we will be setting up a non profit "sister" organization so larger contributions can be tax deductible. Donations to our "sister" organization will also help THIS organization....We will keep you informed when this sister organization is formed BUT in the meantime you can make regular (non tax deductible donations) to us using the "donate" button on our home page ( ).
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    What Happens To The Poor ?

    I’m poor, what happens to me under Middle Class America's - Middle Class Program?

    Generally speaking, everybody (except the already rich or super rich) will move up a notch financially. So, if you are upper poor you would soon become lower middle class! Congratulations on the promotion (likewise, if you were lower middle class you would move up to middle class, If you were middle class, you would move up to upper Middle Class, and if you were upper middle class you would move up to lower Rich !).

    Middle Class America will form the Middle Class Oversight Committee, that will help train the remainder of the poor to be come productive and employed members of society. Please refer to our ” Power Farming Projects ‘ and “Work Force Projects” (sections to follow shortly).

    Finally, those truly in need will be helped (possibly even more so because we would clean up the abusers of the system and more heavily tax the rich and super rich) by our program when a thorough search of abusers of “entitlement” programs are discovered and removed from the system….A majority of the monies saved will go right back to those truly in need so that their standard of living may actually be increased!.. The people removed from the system will be handled on a case by case basis in accordance to the law and eventually processed through the Middle Class Oversight Committees programs above.
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    Can I join if I am a member of another Political Party?

    Will Middle Class America, L.L.C. accept memberships from people who are members of other political parties?

    Yes. However, it is our hope that once members of other political parties / groups learn more about who we are and what we stand for, that they will come to the realization that THEY are in fact “Middle Class” AND JOIN Middle Class America AND SEVER their ties with old parties who in actuality do NOTHING for them (please refer to why the current two party system does NOT work for the Middle Class). (NOTE : We will be forming our own Political Party shortly....We realize that most people are members of the "big two" parties simply because the are the lesser of all the evils.....OUR Party will represent US in a way NO other party can!).

    WE must unite NOW to KEEP what we have BEFORE the abusers of the welfare system AND RICH take it away from US.

    Since MOST people now are still in the middle class or are members of the American Middle Class doesn’t it make sense to join the organization designed SPECIFICALLY TO HELP YOU?

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. WILL benefit YOU AND MOST Americans…..Isn’t THAT what Democracy is SUPPOSED to be about?

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. is YOUR organization and our soon to be formed Political Party will run in the 2016 elections.
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    Is Middle Class America a Tea Party?

    Is Middle Class America, L.L.C. a “Tea Party”?

    NO….Our Organization, Middle Class America, L.L.C. is FAR different than a Tea Party.

    Primary differences include:

    1) While Tea Parties are local in nature and consist of a number of fragmented grass roots organizations, Middle Class America, L.L.C. is a National organization with sub chapters in all 50 states.

    Because we have a nationally based headquarters, we can better co-ordinate our efforts and actions…..Remember the saying “United We Stand…..Divided We Fall” ?

    2) Tea Parties started off with a bang and seemingly stood to represent the common man BUT they have of late seemingly become a more far right oriented group supporting more Republican (i.e. favoring the Rich) ideologies.

    Who Does Middle Class America, L.L.C. represent?……The name says it all….WE represent YOU…The Middle Class American…..WE will Fight for YOU PERIOD…..Tax the Rich, stop abusers of “entitlements” and give the benefits and relief to to the hard working Middle Class!

    3) Tea Parties typically hold rallies and large events.

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. realizes that the core of our members are responsible working class people who not only put in long hard hours at the job but also have family obligations after working hours….Being that that is typically the case, most of our efforts take place in the background….very efficient and effective while not encroaching on our members valuable time.

    4) Tea Parties hope to effect change primarily through political means.

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. believes that politics is the slow way to effect change so we use our two pronged plan to help you: Our Economic Brute Force program is our primary weapon (It’s the reason we are able to offer our members to start SAVING right away) followed by the standard political approach (refer to our “about us” section for further reading of this).

    UPDATE : Middle Class America will soon be setting up a Political Party running on a Middle Class Platform.....We will be the ones to watch in 2016....If you'd like to help out in this tremendous undertaking and be part of a winning team, contact us by writing to me at :


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    Can Anybody Join Middle Class America?

    Can anybody join Middle Class America, L.L.C.?

    YES, we do NOT discriminate against anybody based on sex, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, family status etc….If you believe you are member of the Middle Class then by all means JOIN US so we can help YOU!…..Don’t you owe it to yourself to help yourself MAKE a better future for you and your family?

    Also, if you are currently a Democrat, Republican, or or other party member, we will welcome you to our “team”…..After all, until we formed, there was really NO true option for Middle Class People…..You had to make due with what was out there….Now there is an option and the right choice is the organization / party that will truly represent you…The Middle Class American…..We welcome you to join us because no other organization will represent your needs as well as we can…We specialize in the Middle Class!

    We will be forming our own Political Party shortly....We WILL be the ones to watch in 2016 !
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    Can I get paid to help Middle Class America ?

    I’ve heard that Middle Class America, L.L.C. will pay for recruitment of members is this true?

    Yes, and no…..Actually anybody who considers themselves to be a Middle Class American can join Middle Class America, L.L.C. for ABSOLUTELY FREE….

    Also, any member can encourage others to join us as well and they can do so without necessarily getting paid.

    On the other hand, Middle Class America, L.L.C. realizes that by offering compensation (i.e. pay / finders fees) we can grow our organization LARGER AND FASTER……And remember a LARGER AND STRONGER Middle Class America, L.L.C. will be better equipped to FIGHT FOR YOU!….To get you the benefits YOU DESERVE….Helping you to earn some extra $$ in these tough economic times is just one of the things Middle Class America, L.L.C. will do to help you. Remember, we are an organization designed to fight for YOU…the Middle Class American. Help US to help YOU.

    For sign up information (both free and Money Earning paid memberships) visit our links on the right side of this page :

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    Is Network Marketing A "pyramid scheme?"...What is you marketing plan about?

    I have reviewed you compensation plan to your paid members…Is this a Pyramid scheme?

    Absolutely NOT….

    As you may have noticed, anybody can join Middle Class America, L.L.C. …. for ABSOLUTELY FREE and receive all the benefits of membership that Middle Class America, L.L.C. currently has to offer.

    THIS onto itself should alleviate any fears that Middle Class America, L.L.C. is attempting anything like a pyramid scheme…..AGAIN, Membership can be absolutely, positively 100% FREE with all benefits except getting paid to advertise for members for us (more on that later).

    What are Pyramid schemes?….Pyramid schemes are typically business “opportunities” where one has to pay huge up front fees to hawk products with no real chance for success. The main income from a pyramid scheme relies on somebody joining below you to keep your income coming in rather than marketing the actual product itself.

    Middle Class America. L.L.C. has a business plan that allows you to earn money in terms of "Finder Fees" - simply a way for people to make some extra $$ by referring people to help grow our organization….A form of Pay Per Result Advertising / Pay Per Result Marketing.

    You can make advertising for us a full time legitimate business if you are so just depends on how YOU want to approach things....full time or part time...our program is VERY FLEXIBLE.

    It is no secret, in order for an organization to be successful and have "clout" it must become relatively large to have any real “pull”.

    Middle Class American, L.L.C. realizes this basic concept so, in an effort to grow rapidly, we will PAY people to help our organization grow through marketing.

    Our upper level memberships are simply a method of paying our members to help market our organization and enlarge our membership base with the commission / payout being determined by the membership level that the member chooses for themselves. …It is simply a Pay Per Performance way to earn some extra funds while helping an organization designed to help you.

    The major difference between the base membership and the higher levels of membership is primarily the ability to get paid for helping Middle Class America, L.L.C. grow (base members can also help Middle Class America, L.L.C. grow by recruiting others but the will not be paid to do so….However, it is still in most everybody’s best interest to help Middle Class America, L.L.C. grow since MOST people are poor to Middle Class to start with and they will essentially be helping themselves in the long run….A bigger and stronger Middle Class America, L.L.C. can fight harder for you).

    Pay Per Performance / commission is by far the best system for all involved…

    To the individual involved, earnings potential is unlimited and determined solely on the skills, hard work and determination of the person involved……America was made great by the free market capitalism system and Middle Class America, L.L.C. has to go with what works best and most efficiently.

    For Middle Class America, L.L.C. , the Pay Per Performance is best because:

    Pay Per Recruitment is best because it guarantees performance before somebody is paid.

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. is a relatively new organization made up of regular people like you and me (People without huge or unlimited budgets), so we cannot afford to hire large PR firms (public relations firms) to do our advertising nor can the organization pay on an hourly basis or contract basis without guarantees of getting a certain number of memberships to pay for the expense of the the PR firm itself..

    Most Large PR firms will not agree to a Pay Per Performance system (I guess if they are not sure of how effective their marketing efforts would be why should we as an organization trust them with our hard earned membership funds?….If only the government would be so cautions when spend tax payer money!).

    Middle Class America, strives to make efficient use of every hard dollar earned so we are offering the chance to earn some extra $$ to our upper level members to help us grow (base members can help us grow as well but they will not receive commissions for doing so).

    In return, we will reward our paid marketing members with great commissions for helping us grow so that we can ultimately help them and all Middle Class Americans in the long run.

    As a side note, look at other companies (big name brand companies at that) using “affiliate marketing”….ever notice the ads on the sides of many web pages or forums?…when a person clicks on the links, the host web page gets a percentage of any resulting sale “kicked back” to them for their advertising efforts (some people may confuse this with Pyramid schemes but in reality it is just another form of Pay Per Results Marketing / Pay Per Results Marketing…..Basically the same concept behind upper levels of our members being or getting paid to help market Middle Class America, L.L.C.).

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. will be doing that form of advertising (banner ads etc..) as well once our web page is up and fully functional (We will also offer the tool of a replicated website for members to use to help drive traffic back to our web page….all the while the member (if set up as a paid upper level member) can earn a few extra $$….and given the recession, wouldn’t a few extra $$ be nice?

    In summary,

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. is a business plan that allows our members a way to get paid and make some extra $$ for advertising Middle Class America, L.L.C…..An upper level member directly promotes our organization and is paid for successful recruiting period….No huge up front fees, no large stock pile of potentially useless products etc….It is a simple plan to help market / grow Middle Class America, L.L.C. and it’s program designed to benefit all Middle Class Americans by putting extra $$ in your pockets.

    Additionally, the only reason our upper level memberships do have a fee associated with them at all is because of the cost of buying the commission paying software (very expensive), the cost of the web person to integrate the software to the web page (not cheap either) , the maintenance fees associated with the extra computer time / bandwidth required in maintaining site / data base etc…..

    Finally, we offer different levels of membership so a person can choose what they want to do and how they want to fit within the organization.

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. realizes that some people cannot afford any cost at all to join (so we do offer 100% free memberships and low cost upper level membership packages), while others may have some or a little extra spending money and want to have the chance to earn some additional income by marketing memberships for us (hence we offer the 3 levels paid for memberships).

    We hope this explains our methods of marketing and hope that you join soon if you have not already done so…..

    Remember….WE are YOUR voice….the voice of the until now unrepresented American Middle Class……

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. will fight for YOU....Join us today and enjoy a little extra $$ in YOUR pockets.
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    Is Middle Class America affiliated with other Political Parties?

    Is Middle Class America, L.L.C. affiliated with the Democrats, Republicans, or other established political party?

    NO. Middle Class America, L.L.C. represents the hard working Middle Class American so we do not affiliate ourselves with either major party since:

    Democrats are generally for the “poor” and for large government (i.e., TAKING YOUR hare earned middle class $$ and making a larger more bloated government while promoting / enlarging often abused entitlement programs).

    Republicans are generally for the rich….Making tax laws so large corporations / wealthy individuals have loopholes to avoid having to pay taxes….All the while WE Middle Class Americans (who work hard for the money), end up supporting BOTH the POOR AND THE RICH (Does corporate bailouts ring a bell?)!

    UPDATE : Middle Class America, L.L.C. will soon be forming It's OWN Political Party shortly...Sometimes when you want the job done right, you just have to do it yourself ! .......Exciting times are ahead....We'll be the ones to watch in 2016 ! ....Middle Class Pride....Catch it! (for information on how you can help participate in this, feel free to contact : Andrew@MIddleClassAmerica.ORG )
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    What happens to the Poor and the Rich under the Middle Class Program?

    What happens to the Poor and the Rich under Middle Class America, L.L.C. ‘s Middle Class America Program?

    Under the Middle Class America Program , MOST ANYBODY who is NOT rich will MOVE UP up a notch.

    This means if you are now poor you will become lower middle class, if you are lower middle class you will become middle class, if you are now middle class you will become upper middle class, If you are upper middle class now you will be rich.

    The current rich and super rich will be TAXED as they SHOULD BE and essentially be knocked down to just rich (STILL richer than most still though).

    In a nutshell, MOST PEOPLE (INCLUDING YOU MOST LIKELY) will BENEFIT under Middle Class America, L.L.C.

    Is it fair that Middle Class America, L.L.C.’s plan is to heavily tax the Rich?….Won’t that cause less incentive to work hard to become rich and slow economic development?

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. believes the following:

    1) Is it fair that the current tax laws basically give the rich and super rich a “free ride” and TAXES YOU? THEY made the current rules and laws to BENEFIT THEM AND TAX YOU….Was THAT FAIR? A small group (the rich), imposing their will on you….doesn’t sound like Democracy to me. Middle Class America, L.L.C. will unite us to fight that injustice!

    2) There will still be rich people under the Middle Class America Program….Just NOT super obscenely rich. Economic growth will NOT suffer because some people will always strive to get ahead and build a “better mouse trap”.

    Industry will still flourish…..POSSIBLY even MORE SO under the Middle Class Program since WE (the middle class) Will actually have MORE MONEY to spend thus STIMULATING the economy by US being able to buy more....that in turn spurs the economy because of additional demand from the middle class, which in turn causes more manufacturing jobs etc...."Splash UP Ecomomics" is what Middle Class America L.L.C. advocates NOT "Trickle Down Economics".

    Wouldn’t YOU like to have some extra spending money? Isn’t there something you may want to or need to buy?…..Middle Class America, L.L.C. will help to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

    Remember, WE Middle Class Americans FAR outnumber the RICH and with Middle Class America, L.L.C.’s help WE will make things BETTER FOR US.

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. will unite the masses.

    Middle Class America.....Uniting /Taking Back / Rebuilding
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