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Thread: We've updated our Zazzle Store

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    We've updated our Zazzle Store

    HI All,

    We've updated our Zazzle Store (Store where you can purchase official Middle Class America gear).

    It was brought to our attention that the logos used in the original submissions for products in the store were an earlier version of our current logo(the earlier version of the Middle Class America logo , featured equally sized red and white stripes wheres the updated / current logo features "thicker" red stripes and a narrower white stripe in between).

    While the current version of our logo is our "official" logo, we have decided (at least temporarily) to let the products featuring our "old" logo stay in the store in the meantime to offer greater variety and because the other designs had our tagline "A better future for you".

    Take a look at the store and let us know what you think....As always, we welcome your input.

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