Hi All,

Building a website, doing the SEO, moderating, advertising the site, developing political platforms and policies to help the Middle Class, doing the paperwork necessary to form L.L.C.'s and soon to be non-profit wing / Political Party paperwork is a pretty tough work in itself BUT when you combine it with the fact that the small core group of people currently doing all this also works regular jobs, deals with the everyday family life, and other matters....Well you get the picture.

With that, I am reaching out to you.... our members and guests on this site for a little assistance to help us (and ultimately you in the end).

Currently, we are in immediate need of people with the following skills to help out (I realize it is often difficult to ask for volunteers so I will also be offering those who come forward with the skills and abilities needed an actual paying position with our organization as it grows (just think if you were one of the founding members of Google, or Microsoft, or Apple....Well you get the idea...it would have been a really good thing...Money wise!....Same here I believe....At first we need volunteers, but as we make money we will be happy to start paying and making paid positions....This is THE ground floor opportunity!

Anyways, we are in immediate need of the following:

1) Videographers - Can you take good pictures or are you handy with a video camera?...We need videos for TV commercials, Public Service
announcements, this web page, and You Tube videos.

2) Content writers - Do you love to write? Are you passionate bout a particular Middle Class issue?...We need stories for press releases,
scripts for voice overs to be used in our commercials / PSAs, Blogs on this website and more...

3) Sales people - We will need a sales force to help us market our website , goods, and services.

4) Politicians - We will soon be needing candidates for our soon to be formed political party....If you've ever thought of running for
office...here is your chance to go with THE next BIG THING.

5) Other - If you have a talent, skill, or desire to help out there are PLENTY of things NOT listed above to do...

OUR future, YOUR future and the well being of the Middle Class AND the United States as a whole hangs in the balance....

You can contact me by:

1) PM here on the Forums

2) By email at : andrew@MiddleClassAmerica.ORG

3) By phone at : 415-295-2948

Thanks in advance for any and all input or help.