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Thread: Visit our "Home Page" ..... MiddleClassAmerica.ORG

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    Visit our "Home Page" ..... MiddleClassAmerica.ORG


    While this forum provides a great place for Middle Class Americans to discuss various topics and issues pertaining to us, be sure to visit our main web page at for even more information and information on how you can help our Middle Class Movement:



    PS - We will be moving much of the content from our original web page onto this forum as time permits. We hope that the all in one location will better serve our members
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    Just an update to let you all know that we are making great progress at relocating our original webpage onto the homepage of this new forum software… We are hoping that the transition from 2 websites to one website will be completed shortly.

    By having one combined site, we hope to be able to better serve you.

    Thanks for your patience and for helping the middle-class cause.


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