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Thread: Does religion cause more problems than it solves OR vice versa ?

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    Does religion cause more problems than it solves OR vice versa ?

    HI All,

    I figure I would kick off this section of the forum with an East VS West discussion.

    The Middle East is often rife with problems and much of it , I believe, is religious in nature...would it be fair to say that, in that particular section of the world, religion causes MORE problems than it solves?

    On the flip side (here in America) is it fair to say ,since many people believe that there may be an "afterlife" (and that by doing "bad" things in this life, you may be sent to "hell" as punishment), that religion serves an overall positive role since it may cause people to think twice about doing "bad" things?

    What do you think?


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    I think religion helps to keep many people from doing bad things for fear of "burning" in the afterlife....

    It is the fear of the unknown (or simply getting arrested) that keeps most people on the straight and narrow.

    Of course some religions or ideologies cause problems / issues....i.e. look at all the issues stemming from religion in the Middle East.

    I am not deeply religious BUT I respect those people who are....

    As Rodney King said "Why can't we all just get along?"


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