Hi All,

I apologize for not being on the site lately....As many of you may know, THAT is part of the Middle Class Plight...(the long hard hours at work (doing the responsible thing and working ....unless you were unfortunate enough to have had your job exported or your hours cut as employers try to weasel out of paying for health care under Obama Care), followed by spending what little time you have left doing essentials like errand running, bill paying, cooking dinner and spending a little quality time with the family or your significant other before going to bed and doing it all over again.

Rest assured, while I am in basically the same situation as most of you out there , I have been diligently working of the following:

1) We are in the process of reaching out to key individuals in various positions to provide additional content / concepts for the site and our

2) We are in the process of getting ready to make the site more "public"....i.e. promoting the site to the masses through advertising and word of

3) We are in the process of forming a non-profit wing to allow for tax deductible contributions to the Middle Class cause.

4) We are in the process of forming a Political Party to represent the Middle Class (sometimes when you want to get a job done right, you just
have to do it yourself !

If you have talent in making videos, singing, composing music, etc.....I 'd love to hear from you (we are in the process of making TV commercials) - Email me at : Andrew@MiddleClassAmerica.ORG

Anyways, exciting times are ahead and we look forward to the challenges that that will bring.

I believe in our Middle Class Movement and I truly believe that TOGETHER we CAN and WILL make great things happen for US....The Middle Class.

Be a part of something new, be a part of something special, be a part of the organization that is YOU....Middle Class America....A better future for you.