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Thread: Workforce Project / Work Force Lottery / Human Power Farming Project

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    Workforce Project / Work Force Lottery / Human Power Farming Project

    Solving Unemployment : Workforce Lottery / Workforce Program / Human Power farming Project

    Unemployment is a huge issue in America today, with some sources indicating unemployment rates as high as 25 million people.

    While there are a number of programs available today to help the unemployed in today's economy, we feel that nothing has gone far enough to actually solve the problem.

    Middle-class America, would like to present its program on how to solve the unemployment issue in America.

    The following is a brief overview of our proposed program and does not necessarily contain every detail needed to fully implement the program.

    Additionally, it does not attempt to address every small problem that can potentially appear....that can be addressed with your input to this proposal.

    Besides the need to curtail the exportation of American jobs overseas by large multinational corporations, we propose our : Workforce Lottery / Workforce Program / Human Power farming Project to help solve unemployment.

    First, we will need to define some terms.

    Dependent Person - A person who is mostly dependent upon the government for their much of their existence -Often dependent upon on the government for food, housing, medical care etc...

    Three types of Dependent People.

    The 1st form is the "Chronic Dependent Person" typically consists of able bodies folks who prefer government subsidies rather than trying to earn a living by working.These people often live their role as "dependents" from one generation to the next. Basically, these people are the abusers of the system who live entirely off or substantially off the government without even trying to work for the most part (or if they do work, any work they do is "on the side' in cash, so they can remain on the government handouts.This category of abusers needs to be reformed.

    The 2nd form of Dependent Person consists of "the fallen". By "fallen", we mean people who were once productive members of society, but through no fault of their own, lost their job (outsourcing for instance) or became physically impaired due to accident or injury. These people were most likely individuals who, may have fallen upon hard times because of medical issues or job loss.

    This form of "Dependent" is probably easiest to reform since people in this category were productive members of society to begin with; They just need some form of employment or a little time to heal from accident or injury...This category of "Dependent" just needs a little help or time to become productive person again.

    The 3rd form of Dependent Person is the "truly needy ". People in this category are dependent on help through no fault of their own. It could be that they were born with a mental issue, a physical disability, or an unfortunate accident or medical issue etc. that hinders them from being actual working members of society.

    We, as an organization & political policy promoter, feel that it is our social responsibility to care for these individuals, if they are unable to care for themselves.

    Yes, It's a form of social insurance. However, we feel it is an obvious and moral choice that we need to do to ensure social stability. After all, how would you feel if , through no fault of your own, you had an accident or injury that rendered you unable to work. It's nice to know that there's somebody or organization that will help care of you....We believe in the fair treatment of people who are not able to do things for themselves through no fault of their own.

    It is middle-class America's goal, to get people off of "Dependent" status and make them productive members of society (type 3 Dependents exempted).

    We will accomplish this by instituting a "Workforce Lottery" / Workforce Program and Human Power Farming Project.

    Brief synopsis:

    For better or worse, many people like playing the lottery.

    So for starters, people who are currently unemployed, will have their names put into a pool for the Workforce Lottery.

    Next, small businesses (say less than 10 employees) or even private individuals, will be given the opportunity to "sponsor" an unemployed person...This entities will be know as "Work Force Sponsors"

    As names are drawn, small businesses / individuals who win people are then assigned that person as their "new sponsored employee".

    The new employee is then sent (or reports for work) to their new employer , who will train them one-on-one to become a productive member of society and help them in their business or duties (presumably one-on one since this program is for small businesses or individuals (presumably middle class or lower). Some, may even live in the homes of their "winning sponsor" to help them in their day to day chores while learning a trade and getting paid and removed from the ranks of the unemployed.

    So how does this benefit our economy and remove the unemployed?

    1) For starters, the government makes money off the lottery program. People and businesses have to bid a set amount in order to be considered for becoming a potential "sponsor" of an unemployed person. Presumably the number of people bidding will greatly outnumber the number of unemployed people (wouldn't it be great to have a half priced worker (because the government pays 1/2 of the wage of the worked (which still saves paying the full amount of unemployment and the sponsor wins because they pay the other 1/2 (or about half the normal wage since the government pays the other half for a predetermined amount of time....Thus a saving for the government, a saving to the sponsoring business and now a person who will receive one on one training towards becoming gainfully employed) working for your small business or a helper to help you in your day to day personal life?). Hence, the government will make money on this lottery and thus be able to pay down federal debt.

    2) The government saves money because the once previously unemployed will now be employed because they have been "employed" by their "Workforce Sponsor". The government saves money by not having to pay unemployment (at least after a pre determined "training" period which will be significantly less than had the same person remained unemployed for the entire time they were allowed to continue receiving benefits).

    3) The person or small business benefits also because they will now have a new employee who will actually cost them half as much as a normal employee for a certain period of time (remember the government will pay 1/2 to the person or company to offset the cost of the "new" worker so the out of pocket cost of the employee is effectively half....A perfect time for the small business to grow their business so they can hire even more people). The reason for this is because the government will effectively pay, say, half the cost of the person for a set period of time. This will allow the new employer to train the previously unemployed person to do needed work. Additionally, special tax breaks for employing an otherwise "Dependent Person" may be given to the Workforce Sponsor (specific terms and benefits to be determined...the main purpose was to lay the general frame work not necessarily provide every last minute detail).

    In the event that the unemployed person prefers not to do a specific job or is unable to do specific workforce assignment (example a 98 lb weakling can not be reasonably expected to lift heavy objects all day). They will have the alternate choice of being placed into the Human Power Farming Project or possibly offered another Workforce lottery winner. This will be discussed in the next post......

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    The Human Power Farming Project is basically a structure, often housed at schools, consisting of a number of exercise bicycles attached to power generators.

    An unemployed person or person who chooses not to go with their normal Workforce Assignment will be sent to the Human Power Farming project instead where they will be required to output a certain amount of killowatt hours per day...the work will not be easy nor will the conditions be gym quality optimal (i.e. no heat in winter or ac in the summer) since this alternative is not mean to be a life time "job" but an incentive to seek gainful employment elsewhere but in the meantime at least we are getting some labor / green power for our tax dollars.

    The reason for choosing a school as the site for human power farming project would be so that parent or parents who are unemployed can bring their children to school for an education. I. E. They're not going to let "Junior" sit at home and "play hooky" from school if THEY have to go to work at a human power farming project.

    Therefore, the students are more or less escorted to schools where they will conceivably attempt to learn, while the parent(s) serve time pedaling a generator equipped exercise bike.

    Additionally, it has been thought that the optimal site for the human power farming project to be located is at the entrance of the schools.

    This would serve 2 purposes.

    First, students entering the building would see how difficult it is to be unemployed and therefore they would be ingrained at an early age to become productive members of society.

    Secondly, if the power farming project workers were located at he entrance of the school, they can serve as guards school effectively. I. E. Since their children are also conceivably at school (if they have kid(s)) . They can be on guard for attackers potentially entering the building and utilizing panic buttons if necessary.

    The benefits of this program are several fold.

    1) We will be promoting education because parents who are involved with the human power farming project are not going to simply let their children sit at home if they are of school age. More than likely they literally escort their children to school so that they can learn (also cuts back on the need for government to pay for stay at home parents (they will be working at the Human Power Farm or child day care (the children would be escorted to school and be in class rooms all day learning).

    2) We will be making "green electricity" to help power the schools and other energy users....As an aside, since the work is relatively hard and under relatively under harsh conditions, this will encourage the Human Power Farmer to seek other gainful and potentially better employment.

    3) We will be saving medical expenses because conceivably people who are on the Human Power Farming project will become more physically fit, therefore reducing the likelihood or need for medical services later...Save on tax $$ for health related issues.

    4) The construction of the human power farming project would require labor and so will help to stimulate the economy. The extra construction labor needed to create the infrastructure for this program can be also be obtained from the Workforce Project and the Workforce Lottery Program or other private construction firm.

    Dependent Persons, with the exception of people listed in category 3 above, who choose to neither to find a job on their own, participate in the Workforce Project - workforce lottery program or human power farming project will no longer be eligible to receive benefits from the government. This will help save the government money and reduce the deficit and tax burden on normal productive members of society.

    We believe that the Workforce Project, Workforce Lottery Project, and the Human Power Farming Project can solve this country's unemployment issues, stimulate the economy and reduce medical claims.

    Questions, comments or concerns can be addressed on our middle-class America forums where we present the solutions and you help make policies that shape our future and strengthen America.

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    I LIKE the idea of exercising for power generation....people would be getting healthier and we would be helping the environment by not having to rely on pollution causing methods of power generation.

    How expensive would that power generator bike be?

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