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Thread: WE are at war with the Vietnamese ! - Cyber attacks on our site !

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    WE are at war with the Vietnamese ! - Cyber attacks on our site !

    HI All,

    Our site was recently attacked by a large number of spammers and hackers from Viet Nam (yes we tracked down their IP addresses!)

    Fortunately, our team as able to stop the attack and clear out the spam ads before major damage was done...although some posts may have been lost.

    As a precaution, we have temporarily suspended new forum registrations while we regroup and fortify our sites anti spam and anti hacking capabilities.

    However, If you would like to join the forum, we can manually add you.

    To be manually added to the forum email me directly at : Andrew@MiddleClassAmerica.ORG

    I will send you an email in response that will enable you to join the forums.

    We will resume normal forum operations shortly.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.


    Andrew King

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    Hi All,

    Not sure how they did it but it seems our Viet Cong "friends" managed to infiltrate our site again moments ago.

    With that, we had to re-secure our site and implement banning of IP addresses in the affected regions and servers overseas.

    Rest assured, no personal information or email addresses were obtained....Seems the "cong" are more interested in spamming more than anything else.


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