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Thread: Delete Uber Ads AND make more $$....EASY and FREE way to make more $$

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    Delete Uber Ads AND make more $$....EASY and FREE way to make more $$

    Hi Drivers,

    Here is something we can do as drivers to help us earn more $$ while the details surrounding Middle Class America's national Uber strike are being worked out.... (I am taking the liberty of saying Middle Class America's Uber strike since I am organizing the strike on this site because other sites I have attempted to do this on have banned me (or edited my posts ) so it kinda makes me wonder if THOSE sites are under Uber "influence" ...Kinda makes you wonder huh?).

    Anyways, I to get back on track...

    1) Go to the website Craigslist (http://www.Craigslist.ORG).

    2) After getting on Craigslist.....Do a "search" for "uber" in the search box on Craigslist

    (it will be on the left hand side of the screen just above the calendar under the heading "search Craigslist").

    3) When you find Uber ads, on the listing to see the actual Ad.

    4) After verifying that it is an ad for Uber, simply click on the word "prohibited" (it will be blue in is located on the upper left of the screen to the right of the "reply" button.....a red 'X" should appear in the box (do NOT click the "reply" button).
    This will delete the ad.

    5) Go "back" and delete the next ad Uber ad on the list....Continue deleting all the Uber ads.....

    The MORE drivers Uber recruits using this FREE advertising HURTS YOU because you will be getting FEWER pings/rider requests (remember the pings (rider requests) go to the closest driver and IF there are MORE drivers out there YOU make even LESS $$ since OTHER drivers will be getting the pings and you will be sitting more and making LESS!).

    NOTE: Riders you can do this too and it will help you ALSO....Why? Because a HAPPY Uber driver is a friendly and nice Uber driver...You'd get better and faster service from them ! (Remember the idea about NOT pissing a waiter / waitress off because they may spit in your food? same general idea here ;-O ......Please delete Uber ad's (the drivers really DON'T make as much as you think) and you'll be helping
    them too.

    Lets' do this and show that we have the ability to unite for the common good

    Here's to trying to make some more $$ ;-)


    PS- As usual, for organizing purposes, email me at :

    PPS - I may ask Andrew if we can get a "Middle Class America" email address for organizing purposes (what I mean by this is his email address is Andrew@MiddleClassAmerica.ORG and maybe we can get something similar for organizing purposes but I guess until then I guess we can just use my email address for now).
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