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Thread: Uber / Ubering as a way to make $$

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    Uber / Ubering as a way to make $$

    Hi All,

    First post here so I would like to first thank Andrew for making such a site possible and I hope that my activism and his site can bring about real change in America for us working class / Middle Class people.

    Anyways, having said that.....I'd like to throw the idea of Ubering for $$ as a possible source of additional income.

    Personally, I am new to Uber and I have made some $$ doing it BUT it does take using some strategy and it helps if you already have a vehicle to use for doing it otherwise you may soon find yourself making below minimum wage after factoring out fuel / vehicle maintenance costs.

    I personally work a regular job and Uber during times of demand...Like morning / evening rush hours, special events, Friday and Saturday nights BEFORE the bars let out (I don't want the increased prblems when dealing with drunks etc...).

    If you want to know learn more about Ubering....I am Uber1 on the site :

    I hope I don't get in trouble here for posting a link on my first post but seeing that the forums here are not very busy I hope that this may drum up extra traffic for both sites.

    Well, it's late or I would like to post more BUT there will be more to come from me because I AM Middle Class and I WANT to make a difference.

    If you have any questions regarding Uber feel free to PM me or ask questions here and I will give you my insights.


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    YO Andy,

    R U the same Uber 1 who says ther are gonna try to take down Uber?

    If U R .....You Da man!

    I'm with you all the way...I read some of your stuff....I'd help you...Hit me back dude

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