• Andrew King

    Andrew King is a Middle Class American and Small business owner whose life experiences and insights will shock and inspire you.

    Andrew is the founding member / general concept person behind Middle Class America and several non profit and aid organizations specifically directed to helping Middle Class Americans.

    Middle Class America was conceived by founding member Andrew King as a result of a dream he had at 2:35 AM on 9-9-2007.

    Unable to shake the visions outlined in his dream, Andrew began a quest to built an organization to help Middle Class Americans.

    Today, the Middle Class Project and Middle Class Group consists of thousands of members from all walks of life with one goal in mind....Making a better future for the hard working Men and Women of the Middle Class based on Family Values, Fundamental Fairness and Financial Opportunity....Because together we can.

    Middle Class America..... A better future for you

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    Can anybody join Middle Class America, L.L.C.?

    YES, we do NOT discriminate against anybody based on sex, race, religion, creed, ...


    Why is Middle Class America an “L.L.C. “ instead of a “non profit” organization?

    The primary reasons we are an L.L.C. is :

    1) An L.L.C. offers legal protection to the members and active participants in the organizing group of this site….In todays “sue happy” environment this is unfortunately especially important…..after all the big two parties will surely be gunning for us since we are here to change the status quo in favor of the Middle Class.

    2) We realize this may sound crazy but we really want to do our part and pull our fair share of the weight….too many companies and “non profits” use tax loop holes and dodges to get out of pulling their fair share of the burden…..We will do what is needed as an organization and we are not afraid of doing the right thing….it’s all about what is right and moral.

    If there were less abuses on the lower end of the scale (welfare fraud, abuses of “entitlements” etc…) and on the higher end (Corporate tax loop holes, etc)….we (both the Middle Class and America as a whole) would be better off.

    Middle Class America will lead by example and in doing what is just and right we feel that this is the best policy that ...

    Middle Class America is THE group for promoting the Middle Class economically, socially, and politically.

    On our site you can find out what it takes to survive as a Middle Class American today.

    In our forums section you can participate in discussions to:

    Share tips and tricks you use to "make it" in today's world.
    Share tips and tricks to help you to get ahead in today's tight economic times.
    Share tips on how to earn "extra" money.
    Share tips on how to save money and more.

    You'll also have the Opportunity to network with Middle Class business owners and fellow Middle Class people online.

    Our Middle Class America Forums section will discuss Middle Class issues, problems and their potential solutions....Lively discussions are likely and even encouraged! Truly educational and fun for all.

    Our site is specifically aimed towards individuals and families in the low income brackets who aspire to one day become middle class, those in the middle class struggling to stay middle class, middle class individuals who aspire to achieve greater and wealthy individuals who may share their insights and wisdom....

    We are truly a site for all but with a special emphasis on the Middle Class.

    We are hoping to make this site educational, informative, and fun.

    We look forward to seeing you participate in our forums.....