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    Why is she so happy? Because, like you, she found the site for Middle Class Americans..... MiddleClassAmerica.ORG

    Middle Class America is the organization of Middle Class Americans for Middle Class Americans.

    Middle Class America wants you to:

    Imagine Better

    Imagine a time.... when a single wage earner family could survive and even thrive.

    Imagine a time.... when plentiful jobs paid a livable income and provided long term security.

    Imagine a time.... when there was little or no financial stress and families shared quality time together.

    Imagine a time.... when a college education did not involve mountains of student loans and debt.

    Imagine a time.... when our senior citizens could live out their golden years without fear of bad times.

    Middle Class America wants you to:


    BE: Informed - Let us show you the reasons why the Middle Class is in the situation it is in now.

    BE: Educated - Let us teach you how to make a difference in your future, your family's future and our country's future.

    BE: Aggressive - Actively pursue our programs, ideas, and concepts which are based on Family, Fundamental Fairness, And Financial Opportunity for you.

    Intrigued?....Read on and see how Middle Class America can make the "good old days" happen once again.

    Middle Class America....A better future for you.


    Special thanks to our donors and volunteers for their generous time and contributions :

    While our website has been revamped, we are still the home of the nations largest and most comprehensive organization promoting the Middle Class economically, socially and politically.

    Middle Class America is the organization that developed and is coordinating the Middle Class Pride Campaign, the Middle Class Movement, the 35% Plan, and helps provide volunteer support for the non profit organizations : The Middle Class Action Fund ( 501 c(4) non profit) and The Middle Class Prosperity Foundation (a 501 (c) 3 non profit).

    + Your generous donations are appreciated +

    Middle Class America, L.L.C. ……. A Better Future for you.

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    As you may already realize, and as many news articles and studies suggest, the American Middle Class is shrinking at an alarming rate and soon the American Middle Class may be no more…..

    Andrew King is a Middle Class American and Small business owner whose life experiences and insights will shock and inspire you.

    Andrew is the founding member / general concept person behind Middle Class America and several non profit and aid organizations specifically directed to helping Middle Class Americans.

    Middle Class America was conceived by founding member Andrew King as a result of a dream he had at 2:35 AM on 9-9-2007.

    Unable to shake the visions outlined in his dream, Andrew began a quest to built an organization to help Middle Class Americans.

    Today, the Middle Class Project and Middle Class Group consists of thousands of members from all walks of life with one goal in mind....Making a better future for the hard working Men and Women of the Middle Class based on Family Values, Fundamental Fairness and Financial Opportunity....Because together we can.

    Middle Class America..... A better future for you