• Middle Class America Memberships

    NOTE: This section describes our available memberships (both free and paid memberships). To join without reading the descriptions OR questions and answers sections below you can CLICK HERE to join immediately.

    Can anybody join Middle Class America, L.L.C.?

    YES, we do NOT discriminate against anybody based on sex, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, family status etc….If you believe you are member of the Middle Class then by all means JOIN US so we can help YOU!…..Don’t you owe it to yourself to help yourself MAKE a better future for you and your family?

    I’ve heard that Middle Class America, L.L.C. will pay for recruitment of members is this true?

    Yes, and no…..Actually anybody who considers themselves to be a Middle Class American can join Middle Class America, L.L.C. for ABSOLUTELY FREE….

    Also, any member can encourage others to join us as well and they can do so without necessarily getting paid.

    On the other hand, Middle Class America, L.L.C. realizes that by offering compensation (i.e. pay / finders fees) we can grow our organization LARGER AND FASTER……And remember a LARGER AND STRONGER Middle Class America, L.L.C. will be better equipped to FIGHT FOR YOU!….To get you the benefits YOU DESERVE….Helping you to earn some extra $$ in these tough economic times is just one of the things Middle Class America, L.L.C. will do to help you. Remember, we are an organization designed to fight for YOU…the Middle Class American. Help US to help YOU.

    We have also been working on the different levels of memberships and have come up with the following: (note: marketing products will be included / made available to people in Level 1 memberships or above to comply with laws requiring that products be sold in addition to paying of finders fees to help enlarge our organization).

    1) Basic Membership – NO cost to join. Can participate in all aspects of the Middle Class America Program including savings from affiliated companies / sponsoring companies. Can help recruit other members into the organization but will not receive monetary compensation for recruiting efforts.

    2) Level 1 membership – Cost $35 / year. All benefits from #1 above PLUS will receive monetary compensation for every level 1 member recruited. Pay is $10.00 finders fee for each level 1 member recruited. A great way to make some extra $$ and help expand OUR organization! Making money while helping an organization designed to help you!…What could be better? The earnings potential is UNLIMITED! When Middle Class America , L.L.C. Grows YOU benefit !

    3) Level 2 Membership – Cost $75 / year. All benefits from #2 above PLUS payouts from recruiting others is increased!….For each level 1 member recruited you will be paid $10 PLUS for each member (level 1 member or greater) THEY recruit YOU get an EXTRA $5.00 ALSO !
    (Example…..You recruit “Bob” and in turn “Bob” recruits “Heather”. As a Level 2 member you receive $10 for recruiting Bob as a Level 1 member PLUS you get paid an EXTRA $5.00 since BOB (your recruit) got Heather to join….WOW get paid when your recruit recruits others…NOW THAT’S EASY MONEY! ( NOTE: In this example BOB will WANT to recruit others as well because HE makes money for doing so as well!….In this example BOB would make $10 for recruiting Heather as a level 1 member…..THAT is his incentive to recruit others!). THIS helps YOU earn money quicker AND Helps Middle Class America, L.L.C. grow faster to better serve YOU! Definitely a Win / Win situation!

    4) Level 3 Membership – Cost $125 / year. Get All the benefits of #3 Above PLUS receive $1 compensation for each member who signs up at three levels below you.

    What is the State Leader program?

    For each state in the USA, Middle Class America, L.L.C. is looking for 2 State Leaders / contact people to handle and manage the affairs for our organization within that state.

    How will State Leaders be chosen?

    State Leaders will be chosen from the top member recruiters from each state. If you have the drive, skills, and ability to recruit others then we want you to lead the state for us!

    How will State Leaders be compensated?

    At the present time we are anticipating paying each state leader $2 for each and every member that joins Middle Class America, L.L.C. at level 1 or greater (from their state) REGARDLESS of who actually recruited the member….The earnings from THAT ALONE can be the equivalent to wining a lottery!

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    More details will follow shortly ……Stay Tuned!